-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cinta kedua-dua ibu bapa ku terhadapMu-
-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cinta kaum kerabatku terhadapMu-
-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cinta guru-guru ku terhadapMu-
-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cinta sahabat-sahabatku terhadapMu-
-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cinta umat Islam terhadapMu-
-Ya Tuhanku, perdalamkanlah cintaku kepadaMu-


Sunday, December 5, 2010

musim xm+ujan

hmm,now is a rainy day..in addition,i have xm..owh,,SPM just 3 weeks left..be patient..i got stress in this season..there are 5 subjects and 10 other papers more devoted waiting ....well,the rain is mercy from Allah....i need to request from Him all what I want..this is a test from Him that i should confront with fortitude..who have not had the test will not be able to feel the sweetness in life..unbelievable,there are also readers who are willing to stop by this blog..thx 4 readers..this blog just an ordinary..i just post the useful articles from other website to share 4 all..to tell the best of ISLAM..i luv Islam very much..bcause it is the mercy religion.

well,gud luck 4 all SPM candidates..All da best 4 you..banggakan ibu bapa dgn result yg excellent!igt tau.insyaAllah kita mampu...jgn lupa akhlak pon kene excellent jugak tauuuuuuuuuu... =)


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